Andrew Be is a Brighton based visual artist who uses photography to explore subjects such as identity, existence, and mental health. He works to reveal construction and considers the photographic image an alternate reality that, however fabricated, may be used to communicate truth. Making the image is just part of Be's process and much of his work results in physical objects made using his images. Further to acknowledging the importance of materiality, Be's physical objects explore the link between the 2D image and the 3D world to challenge the assumption that, as a visual culture, we know all there is to know about the image. For Be, visual art is an ongoing process used to continually interrogate the same unanswerable questions.
2021   BA (hons) Photography. UCA. 
Group Exhibitions
2019    Art Pride. Shown with/curated by artist Brian Reynolds at Amy Burnett Gallery. Bremerton, USA.
2019    Masculinity for Brighton Festival at Speigeltent. Brighton, UK.
2019    Sensuous Geographies. Minneapolis, USA.
2019    Bare Men: The Group Show. New York, USA.
2020    Fifty-Two. London, UK.
2021    Bodyscapes, PH21 Gallery. Budapest, Hungary.
2019    Praxis Gallery, ‘Sensuous Geographies’, 2019. A group winner.
2019    Bare Men, 2019. A group winner.
2020    London Pride, ‘Fifty-Two’, 2020. A group winner.
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